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Our company import and distribute directly from our Representatives, we have presence in the majors hospitals of our Health Minister, Social Security Hospitals and private laboratories of Lima, also we work with the principal hospitals from other areas of our Country. Our staff of Medical Technologies are very well prepared and can give all the support to our final customers ( Doctors, Medical Technologies ) trying to solve all the problems that they can need in any moment.

All our team of sales have radio / telephone equipments in order that they can be reach at any time during the day or night. That is why for ANGLO TRADING S.A.C. it is so important a personalize relation between customer and our firm, our slogan is: ALWAYS READY TO HELP OUR CUSTOMERS.


Diagnostic Hybrids innovates, develops, manufactures and markets cellular and molecular diagnostic kits for various applications in detecting a wide range of respiratory diseases, herpes infections, thyroid function, and other high value markers of disease. Our products provide an accurate, rapid and cost-effective diagnosis, and our products are changing the way people use technologies to more effectively diagnose and treat respiratory and other diseases. We strive to address a variety of health issues, impacting the quality of healthcare outcomes and the quality of life.

Diagnostic Hybrids is committed to providing quality products and exceptional service to our customers through teamwork, regulatory compliance, process control, and continual Quality Management System improvement. The company is certifiedto ISO 13485 standards, a testament to the quality and care that go into manufacturing and servicing our product lines.


Diagnostic Hybrids was founded in 1983 by successful biomedical entrepreneur Wilfred R. Konneker, Ph.D., in collaboration with Ohio University Professors Joseph Jollick, Ph.D., and Thomas E. Wagner, Ph.D., who led the OU research team that developed the world's first transgenic animal. Through our tenacity, optimism, and discipline we continue to develop innovative research. The company became a subsidiary of Quidel Corporation in February 2010.

Diagnostic Hybrids’ respiratory testing solutions allow laboratories to identify up to 8 major respiratory viruses from direct patient specimen or incubated tissue cultures using a variety of technologies.

Guide to Laboratory Equipment: Advanced Products and Technologies for Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Clinical and Industrial Laboratories incubation preservation sterilization. Panasonic… the new name for SANYO.

Preservation: World Class Design. Panasonic refrigeration systems offer superior performance and reliability, even in higher ambient temperatures and in response to frequent door openings. The cooling system also maintains uniform temperatures throughout the freezer, which is especially important when validation is required. Every day, laboratories around the world depend on Panasonic freezers for their ultra-low temperature storage, reassured by an industry-leading reputation for performance and reliability.


VIP® PLUS Space Saving Series
-80°C Ultra-Low Freezers

MDF-C8V1, Chest

VIP® Space Saving Series
-86°C Ultra-Low Freezers


Twin Guard® Series
-86°C Ultra-Low Freezers


PRO Series

Conventionally Insulated
-86°C Ultra-Low Freezers

MDF-U5486SC, Upright
MDF-U7486SC, Upright
MDF-594C, Chest
MDF-794C, Chest

VIP® PLUS Space Saving Series
-150ºC Cryogenic Freezer


-30°C/-35°C Biomedical Freezers


Laboratory Refrigerators


Pharmaceutical Refrigerators


Blood Bank Refrigerators


Biomedical Refrigerator with Freezer Combination


General Purpose Refrigerators


Under-Counter Refrigerators and Freezers




Accu-Edge Blade System
Accu-Edge Grossing Stations
Accu-Edge Grossing Tools
Tissue-Tek Neutra-Guard


Tissue-Tek Xpress x50
Tissue-Tek Xpress x120
Tissue-Tek VIP 5
Tissue-Tek VIP 6
Tissue-Tek VIP Fixative


Tissue-Tek AutoTEC
Tissue-Tek TEC 5
Tissue-Tek Paraform Cassettes


Accu-Cut SRM 200
Tissue-Tek Cryo3 Microtome/Cryostat


Tissue-Tek Glas g2
Tissue-Tek Prisma/Film


Tissue-Tek Quick-Ray


Tissue-Tek Paraform Cassettes
Tissue-Tek Uni-Cassettes
Histo-Tek Cassettes
Lab Aid Ultra Cabinets
Tissue-Tek Lab Aid Slide Filing System


Cyto-Tek Centrifuge


The Biological Industries product line includes all of the following:

  • Liquid and powdered synthetic media
  • Media components and supplements
  • Sterile serum (Foetal Bovine, Newborn, Donor horse, etc.)
  • Novel serum-free medium formulations
  • Products for cytogenetics
      • Products for mycoplasma detection and treatment
      • Disinfectants
      • ECM-coated disposable plasticware
      • Products for molecular biology and gel electrophoresis
      • Services
      • Custom formulations

    The life sciences research and biotechnology market in Israel is unusually large and sophisticated, and includes hundreds of R&D laboratories, as well as leading biotechnology manufacturing firms. Biological Industries is the leading supplier in this market with our full range of animal cell culture products, as well as products for molecular biology.

    BioGenex is committed to advancing the pace of molecular medicine and diagnostics. We support cellular and molecular pathology laboratories with a range of reagents, detection kits, antibodies, probes, special stains and automated staining and imaging systems. Our state-of-the-art automated systems are designed for high throughput at a low cost of ownership. They provide consistent, quality results with ease of use and maximum flexibility for clinical diagnostics, life science research and drug discovery.

    Our customers include reference laboratories, hospitals, cancer treatment centers, university medical institutions, large and retail practice groups. Further, we continue to partner with life sciences industries and academia driving molecular drug discovery and translational and clinical research.

    Our passion for sustained and leading edge innovation helped us to develop strong research and development skills and improve our product and service offerings. Our intellectual property includes several U.S. and foreign-issued patents, in the areas of DNA labeling and amplification techniques, automation of tissue and cell sample preparation, automated staining for nucleic acid, immunohistochemistry and special stains and antigen and nucleic acid retrieval techniques.

    SurModics, Inc. is a leading provider of surface modification and drug delivery technologies to the healthcare industry. Our vision is to exceed our customers’ expectations and enhance the well-being of patients by providing the world’s foremost, innovative surface modification and drug delivery technologies and products. SurModics partners with many of the world’s leading and emerging medical device, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to develop and commercialize innovative products designed to improve patient outcomes.

    SurModics, Inc.
    9924 West 74th Street
    Eden Prairie, MN 55344-3523
    Toll Free:       866-787-6639       
    Phone:          952-829-2700       
    Fax: 952-829-2743

    Tetracore is a biotechnology company whose mission is to create and develop highly innovative diagnostic reagents and assays for infectious diseases and bio-terrorism threat agents.   We focus on veterinary, domestic preparedness, clinical, antibody and ELISA products.

    Takara Bio USA is now a Division of Clontech Laboratories



    • How to Select th Best PCR Enzyme
    • Guide to Takara PCR Polymerases
    • High Fidelity PCR
    • High Speed PCR
    • High Performance PCR
    • Real Time (qPCR) Kits
    • General PCR Products
    • RT-PCR and RACE
    • Food Pathogen Detection & Screening Kits
    • PCR Probes & Primer Sets
    • Mycoplasma Detection Set

    Molecular Biology

    • Cloning, Mapping & cDNA Synthesis
    • Gene Transfer & Expression
    • RNA/Protein/DNA Extraction
    • Nucleic Acids
    • Electrophoresis Instrumentation
    • DNA Labeling & Detection Kits
    • Sequencing, Mutagenesis & Mutation Analysis
    • Molecular Biology Reagents
    • Restriction Enzymes
    • Modifying Enzymes: Kinases & RT
    • Modifying Enzymes: Phosphatases
    • Modifying Enzymes: Ligases
    • Modifying Enzymes: DNA Polymerase
    • Modifying Enzymes: RNA Polymerase
    • Modifying Enzymes: Nucleases
    • Modifying Enzymes: Rnase Inhibitor
    • DNA Microarray Accessories

    Cell Biology

    • Apoptosis
    • Antibodies
    • Bone Research Products
    • Cell Adhesion & Extracellular Matrix
    • Cell Differentiation Kit
    • Cell Proliferation & Viability
    • Signal Transduction
    • Viral & Microbial Detection

    Protein Research

    • Recombinant Protein Folding & Expression
    • C-Terminal Isolation & Analysis
    • N-Terminal Deblocking & Analysis
    • Protein Fragmentation
    • Protease Inhibition


    • Glycobiology Kits
    • Related Enzymes
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